I have attached our Palm Sunday Service,
Many thanks to Noreen,Linda , Shirley and Alison who took part and to Isabel who recorded it for us.

Services during Holy Week will be circulated during the week.

A March prayer
Lord of the wind and the waves, calm the storms of our life when we are afraid.
Lord of the loaves and fishes, be our food when we are hungry.
Lord of spring, growth and new life, be our source of new beginnings.
Lord of the lambs and the flocks, seek us out when we are lost.
Lord of signs and wonders, show yourself when we have doubts.
Lord of the blind and lame, take our hand when we falter.
Lord of the fields and flowers, care for us when others seem far away.
Lord of all that lives, be a source of life when we're struggling to be alive and active in our daily activities.
Lord of simplicity, help us to recognise your gentle presence in everything we do each day. Amen