Sunday 22nd November , Christ the King and Mission Sunday




The Sunday before Advent, The Feast of Christ the King and Mission Sunday.

This Sunday’s service for the Tralee and Dingle Union of Parishes was very kindly recorded in Kilgobbin, by Sean Curtinwho is a professional in this whole area. He lives next to the Rectory in Kilgobbin.

The camera and drone work reveal the wonder and the beauty of the place.

The Service

The feast of Christ the King has gained acceptance across the various Christian denominations since it was first instituted in 1920’s.

At that time Church leaders were witnessing with alarm the rise of dictatorships in Europe, people like Hitler/ Mussolini/ Lenin were coming to power and people were looking up to them and the church felt that they were not best role models and that their message was not the best example on which to build their lives or to create a just society. They were concerned at how the people were taken in by their smooth talk, their simplistic slogans and populist message. As a result, people were drifting away from the Church, and many Christians were doubting Christ’s authority,

In hindsight we can see why the church introduced this feast as what they feared most from these types of leaders came to pass and Europe suffered terribly because of it.

So, when the church suggested the feast of Christ the king, it was giving Jesus as an example of What a King should be like and how Kings and indeed how any leader should behave.

He would be the role model for those who have power and authority over others. He is also role model for us and an example to follow.

As Christians we are the building blocks of Gods Kingdom and it is the values that we hold and believe in that will help to make the world a better and safer and more pleasant place to live in

It is really no good if you have a good king and his followers don’t buy into it or to take a lead from his example.


Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. advent is a time of preparation a time of waiting and a time of expectation for the coming of Jesus and his Kingdom,

The modern hymn which I am looking forward to hearing sung in Church during Advent ‘Make way, make way, for Christ the King’ reminds of what type of king we are looking forward to welcoming.

The King of love

The King of Justice

The King of peace.


This Sunday is also Mission Sunday, Last year the diocese raised €11,000.00 which supported a tear fund project in Syria working with refugee children

This year the council for mission has asked us to support the following home-based charities.

What are the charities?

·       Jigsaw is an organisation which is there to support primary school children who may struggle with mental health issues.

·       Women’s aid, Listening, believing and supporting.


How do we support them?


1 Put your donation in the Mission Sunday Envelope or an ordinary envelope and drop it to the local church or envelope collector.

Send your donation directly to our Treasurer Ed. Hardy, Boolinarrig,

Birr, Co Offaly. or

3 By direct debit to the Diocesan Council for Mission account at

Account Name: Limerick & Killaloe Diocesan Council for Mission

Bank : Bank of Ireland

Branch: University Branch, Castletroy, Limerick

IBAN: IE44BOFI90459591214337




This week lets us pray:


·       That those in authority will have the welfare of the people they serve as a priority.

·       Give thanks for our leaders as we pray for those countries that are poorly led.


·       For our Council of mission and for the charities such as Jigsaw and women’s aid at this time.


·       Give thanks for the good news about the development of the vaccines.


·       Remember those who work on the many front lines that exist at the moment. Pray that we won’t let our guard down and become complacent about Covid-19.


·       Let us remember one another in our prayers and give thanks for our supportive parishioners and good neighbours