Pentecost Sunday

Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church as it was then that the disciples who were empowered by God to further the work begun by Jesus.
I have attached some rresources as follows and the the prayers that were led at the service,
Remember Sara at this time.

Link for Children

For those who work on the land            

Almighty God, we thank you for the wonderful weather that we are enjoying, for the blessing it has been to farmers,their families.We give thanks for the sight of cattle grazing contently in the fields and for the ease with which silage has been harvested.

Bless the labours of all who care for animals, till the land and grow the crops.

Be with them as they work in sunshine and in rain to produce the food that supplies our most basic needs. Amen.

Prayer for volunteers and soup kitchen etc              

Loving God, We pray for those who give their time to help others in our community, we give thanks for the  volunteers at our Soup Kitchen who provide meals and food hampers for families and individuals who are in need. We give thanks for the generosity of those who donate to the Soup Kitchen, and the blessing and support that this is to those who come to us in need.

Lord prompt us to see how simple gestures, such as helping hand a chat on phone can lift the spirit of someone who might be lonely just as the food provided by the Soup Kitchen brings relief from hunger. Amen

For those involved in education                          

We pray for all involved in education at this unusual time,

We pray for the teachers who know their students so well and now have the responsibility of assigning them grades in the leaving cert..

Grant to students and their parents the reassurance that they have the done the work and completed the course.

Calm any anxiety that they may have and help them to trust in

the in teachers who know their potential and have their best interests at heart. Be with them in these next few weeks. Amen


Prayer for those who work on the frontline                        

Loving God, we give thanks for all who work on the frontline at this difficult time.  Keep them safe and strong as they serve their communities. Be with them as they go to work each sometimes anxious and fearful of contacting the virus and reassure them that  they are respected and admired and all is being done to keep them safe as they go about their daily work .  Amen


Lord what we are not, teach us; what we are not make us; what we dare not, Inspire us to do. Energise us as to be your Church.