Trinity Sunday, Newsletter June 2020


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Good Evening Everyone,

Please find attached the service for Trinity Sunday from St James Church Dingle Led by The Rev Phyllis Jones,

I have also attached:

Childrens sheet

Family Sheet

Light at the End of The Tunnel

Newsletter June 2020

It looks like that there might be light at the end of the tunnel, as restrictions ease. We hope to be back in our churches in late June, our first Sunday at public worship according to the road map should be the first Sunday in July.

Church will be a little different and we will let you know what will be required of us, once we have guidance from central church and the Diocese.

Many thanks to you all for your generosity and for your support for the parishes over the last few months.

Thankyou also to those who led services and contributed to the various liturgies that we produced. Some of what we experimented with in these past few months might feed into our services in the future.

I found recording services in an empty church difficult and much preferred working with a gathered congregation over zoom.

All the services and bits and pieces that we recorded are still available on youtube and can be accessed via the ‘Services online’ section of our parish website.

They can also be found on the parish facebook page

Thank you to Charlie Smith and Susie Keating who helped to keep us connected via the website and facebook pages respectively, and to Marion who gathered information for our publications.

Thankyou also to our treasurers who went the extra mile on been available to gather contributions and for making sure that bills were paid.

Parish School:

I would like to commend the staff in the School , The Principal Mrs Benton and her colleagues, Mrs Fitzell and Ms O’Doherty who adapted so well to the challenge of maintaining the education of the children during this period.

I would also like to acknowledge the good work of Collette Price , June Noonan and Sara Clifford who also contribute so much to the life of the school.

This year we won’t have a formal opportunity or an end of term service and to say good bye to the current sixth class students.

I would like to wish them well as they move on to secondary schools in the Autumn. I would like to thank them for the contribution they have made during their time in St Johns, I have happy memories of them taking part in so many of our school services, since I have arrived in the parish. Thank you, Bethany, Lucy, Shauna and Zachariasz..

Mighty Milk Cartons: The school needs to collect the Mighty Milk tokens from the new RECYCLE CARTONS in order to get the free homework journals. If any of the parishioners have any can they hold on to them and when the church reopens they can drop them to the back of the church where Collette will collect them.

We also have many children in other schools in the area and I want to wish them well as they move to a new school or to college or to an apprenticeship in the next few months.

Tralee Soup Kitchen: Congratulations and well done to Collette and her team, While this phase is far from over it was a very busy time for them and they have done such good work.

CEC Scheme is a godsend and they started back in the grounds of St Johns last Tuesday and they will move to Ballymac in due course. Thank you to those who have kept an eye on our Churches and to those who so faithfully cut the grass in our grounds during the lock down.

Hopefully we are through the worst and as society reopens let us remember with thanks all those in our community who have worked through the restrictions esp those whose work involved close daily contact with others.


Let us also prayerfully remember those who are self employed and had to suspend their businesses as they now pick up the pieces and prepare to reopen.

Let us also remember those who may not have jobs to return to and let us pray that the government and those in authority will act wisely and decisively with our best interests at heart.

This Sunday the 7th June is the feast of the Holy Trinity, It’s a feast that celebrates community the community of love and equality and fellowship that is shared between Father , Son and Holy Spirit.We are invited to be part of that community and to extend that fellowship and to radiate that love in our lives.

Can you please pass this on to someone you may know of who is not on email or who does not have access to facebook or the parish website.


Míle buíochas daoibh go léir

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